The New Office

Spirit of the Bear LLC has moved to a new and bigger space!

2019 has been a year of tremendous growth and expansion, and I’m so grateful for all the amazing people who’ve been a part of that.  Thank you with all my heart.

We moved in on October 1, and it’s been a whirlwind of change and new beginnings as we’ve gotten settled in and have gotten the place furnished and decorated.

How cool is this place?  Molly and I absolutely LOVE it!

It’s 102 years old, and has all the character and personality of an old house like high ceilings, beautiful trim and moulding, tall windows with lots of sunlight, a hobbit-sized bathroom door, slanted

I’m sure if this house could only talk, it would have so many fascinating stories to tell.

It’s on the National Register of Historic Places, too.  The City of Cheyenne classifies it as a “Pioneer” building.

The energy in this place is amazing, so healing and wonderful.  You can just feel the positive vibes and happiness throughout it.

If you’ve been to my previous office, you’ll have no trouble finding this new one because it’s right next door to where I was before.

The new address is 518 East 19th Street in Cheyenne, on the corner of Maxwell and East 19th.

The Tea Room

The front room with all the sunny windows is already a dream come true for me.

Many of my clients have told me that they feel so relaxed after reflexology that they don’t want to get right in their car and go home.

One client invented a new word for the feeling she experiences after reflexology, “Reflexicoma,”  the feeling of being so deeply relaxed that you’re not sure what year it is, where you are, or how to find your way back home…lol.

And others have shared with me, too, how they feel alone and isolated at home sometimes.  So I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, create a place where they can feel like they belong and have some people around them and love on Molly for a while.

I think that’s such an important part of healing. This building is a special place, and I want to create a feeling of “community” with it for my clients.

And now I have a comfortable space where clients can have a cup of tea and a place to relax for a while and read a book or something.

A comfy place to relax

This oversized poofy chair is perfect for the Tea Room.

I just bought this chair from a lady who got it years ago just to sit in with her grandkids while she read books to them.

You totally can feel the love and welcoming vibes of this chair.

Stay for a cup of tea after reflexology and bring a book or your crocheting or knitting if you want, too.


I think this house wanted people to sit and visit and drink tea here because it already had a built-in that was just waiting to be turned into a tea station.

And Molly is loving her two window seats in this house as much as she loved the one in our previous office.

The squirrels are already teasing her at the windows again…lol, just like they did in my last office next door.  I actually watched as the first squirrel saw her in the window and then more came running.

I’m telling you, he turned and whistled to the rest of the neighborhood squirrels to get their attention.  “Hey, guys!  I found the dog.  She’s over here now.”

This house has the perfect place for consultations and visiting with clients about their wellness programs over a cup of tea.


And check out the new reflexology room.  So inviting and comfortable.

The perfect ambiance for putting your feet up and relaxing with reflexology.


So Molly and I want to invite you to come in for a reflexology session and visit with a cup of tea afterwards.

And this is the perfect time of year to work on improving your health with a 90 Day Wellness Plan, too.   It’ll help you start the winter season healthy and strong with your immune system at its best.

And you can have support and coaching going through the holidays to help you keep your health goals on track.

If you’d like to learn more about that, let’s visit in my office over a cup of tea about what we can do together to get you feeling healthy, strong, and fit.

You can schedule a free 30 minute discovery session with me online.

And if you don’t live in Cheyenne, I work with people long distance, too, via Skype.  You can schedule a free discovery session for that through the link above, too.

We’ll have a virtual cup of tea. 🙂

Hope to visit with you soon.

Blessings, love, and warm hugs…

Tracey and Molly  xx