Grab a friend, your mom, or your spouse or partner and come have fun learning easy DIY reflexology techniques you can do on your kids’ feet at home to help them “chill out.”

Kids love reflexology because it helps them feel calm.

In fact, it can make them feel so relaxed that they fall asleep while you’re working on them.  Busy schedules, school, stress, even screen time can make kids feel anxious.  And that can affect their physical and emotional well-being.  They can have trouble concentrating in school.  Stress or emotional upset can also lead to more frequent colds and flu, tummy troubles, and sleep problems.

Reflexology to the rescue!

Reflexology Benefits

Some of the benefits that studies have shown and that others have experienced with reflexology include:
  • less stress and anxiety, better emotional balance
  • improved sleep
  • stronger immunity
  • healthier digestion
  • improvement of learning disorders like ADHD
  • increased levels of concentration in the classroom
  • being more positive and showing greater overall resilience
  • greater emotional intelligence and body awareness

When my sons were young, I used to do reflexology on them at bedtime, especially if they were feeling sick or stressed. They loved it!  And they picked up on how to do reflexology themselves, too.

Don’t be surprised if sometime when you’re lying on the couch, little hands start doing reflexology on YOUR feet.

You can start kids early with reflexology.

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers love it, too!

Reflexology can have a positive affect on kids’ emotional development by helping their emotional intelligence to grow. 

They can learn to recognize when they don’t feel well or they’re anxious and then to ask for help with a healthy solution by asking for reflexology to help them feel better.

Comments from the previous
“Chilled Kids” Reflexology Class…

“I enjoyed learning the knowledge to do basic reflexology on my grandkids and my mom.  The information was very useful.  I was so relaxed after the others worked on my feet, I wished I had a blanket and an Uber ride home.”

“The information presented today was outstanding.  I like the size of the class and to actually perform on someone’s feet.”

“I’ve been interested in learning basics about reflexology.  The information presented was very helpful – learned a lot!  I loved the hands-on practice and small class size.  Think it was great overall!”

Class Description

In this two hour class, you’ll learn simple DIY reflexology techniques you can do on your kids’ feet at home to help them feel relaxed and calm.

I’ll have everyone pair up and practice working on each other, so everyone will have a partner.  This class is perfect for parent teams or parent/grandparent or friends.  You can sign up with your spouse or partner or kids’ grandparent.  Or work together with someone else in the class.

(This class is just for grown-up’s.  Please don’t bring the kiddos.)


Included in this class:
  • two hours of hands-on instruction by a National Board Certified Reflexologist through the American Reflexology Certification Board. (That’s me, Tracey Kamm.)
  • hand-out to take home with clear information on kids’ reflexology to use as a reference
  • bonus info on lifestyle, nutrition, herbs, and other natural remedies to help kids stay chilled out.
Come ready to have fun and learn a skill that can change your life!
The class is Monday June 21, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at my office at 518 E 19th Street in Cheyenne.
Investment is $35 per person.  Class size is limited to 8 people.  You can register and pre-pay through the link below:


(Please note – my sweet Molly dog will be hanging out with us at the class.)


Click on the links below to read more about reflexology.


Class Policies

No promoting or selling of essential oils or other products.  For adults only, no children.  Sometimes plans change, so if you sign up and can’t make the class, your money will be cheerfully refunded 100% up to 48 hours before the class.  After 48 hours before the class, it’ll be refunded at 50%.  Thank you!