My Secret for Accomplishing the Impossible

Have you ever wished you could find that magic bullet that would help you improve your health right away or lose weight quickly?  Or maybe you wish there was a solution for reaching your financial goals immediately or making your business an overnight success?  If you have, you’re definitely not alone!  We’ve all been there.

If only there were genies in a bottle or fairy godmothers or pixie dust we could sprinkle, how much easier life would be!  So what do we do when our challenges are so enormous that it seems like no action we could take right now could even begin to make a measurable difference?  How do we get where we need to go?

When I was very seriously ill from lupus, completely bedridden by it and in severe pain, I just couldn’t imagine that there could ever possibly be a way to recover and have a normal life again.  And in so many other circumstances, too, where I faced having to find a way to overcome seemingly impossible situations, I felt so overwhelmed trying to think of how I would get from where I was at that moment to where I wanted to be.

But I absolutely did accomplish beating lupus and a few other auto-immune diseases, too, and I’m in the best health of my life.  And I lost the 90 pounds I gained from two pregnancies and being sick.  And I overcame other major crises, as well.  It wasn’t easy at all, and it took a lot of time and effort and consistency!  But I was able to do this by starting with this one very effective trick, and it will help you climb any mountains that are in your path, too, I guarantee it.

I realized that we arrive at any point where we are in life as a result of all of the decisions we make at each fork in the road along the way.  Sometimes those decisions are big ones and are really obvious.  We know we’re at a major fork in the road at those times, and we realize that our whole life will be affected by which way we go.  But what we very often don’t see is that we are constantly at little tiny forks in the road at every moment of every day.

So when I determined that I was going to fully recover from lupus and become a holistic health practitioner, I started by becoming focused on every little thing I did in each moment and choosing to do that which would take me closer to that goal.  And this will work for anyone because it starts to change habits.  And those new habits start to take you in a completely new direction with new forks in the road, and you make good choices in those forks, too, and it snowballs.

And pretty soon, step by step, you discover you’re actually getting to where you want to go.  Eventually one day you turn around and look back and see how very far you’ve come!  And that gives you a little more momentum and you keep your focus even more fixed on each decision at each moment and making sure it’s taking you towards your goal.  And all of these new habits and actions, these little things done in each moment of every day, add up and take you exactly where you want to be!

Pick a few areas where you can begin to make different choices and keep adding in more.  So if you’re trying to change your eating habits, for example, start with just giving up sugar.  Then expand that by including several servings of vegetables each day and drinking more water.  Next find some resources so you can learn about nutrition and healthy eating.  You could choose to read those materials in place of watching TV.  Then start planning a week’s worth of meals each weekend to eliminate eating out.

Find some positive affirmations you can repeat when negative self talk begins.  The thoughts and beliefs we choose each moment are some of the most important of the little forks in the road we continually face.  Keep holding the ground you’ve gained and continually make one more little turn in the right direction at each moment, especially focusing on those little decisions and actions throughout each day.  A year from now, your life will be completely different!

One of my favorite things about developing this practice is that it creates all sort of positive serendipitous side effects, too, especially loads of personal development and growth.  You’ll find that as you consistently apply this principle of looking at the little micro decisions you make at each moment and always steering towards what brings you to your goals, you’ll develop strength, perseverance, fortitude, and courage, and you’ll really begin to blossom into someone you truly love!

Whatever your big goal is, think right now about how you would act if you had already accomplished that goal.  Then start to make sure that every little decision, action, thought, and attitude is in line with what you’d be doing if you were already that person you want to be.  Just jump in and do it.  Don’t strive for perfection because perfection isn’t possible.  You’ve probably heard the quote, “If you fall down seven times, stand up eight.”  Just keep making progress, and this will truly be the magic trick that will change your life and help you accomplish the impossible!

I wish you all the best on this amazing journey!

All my love,

Tracey -xx-

What big obstacles are you facing right now? Have you already overcome challenges by consistently taking those little actions that helped you get where you wanted to be? Please leave me a comment below and share your experiences. I’d love to hear from you!

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Tracey Kamm is a holistic wellness practitioner and owner of Spirit of the Bear LLC in Cheyenne, WY where she does Reflexology and Personalized Holistic Wellness Programs. She studied herbalism, nutrition, reflexology, and emotional healing in order to help herself get well when she was seriously ill from lupus and other auto-immune diseases. And now she helps others make life-changing improvements in their health, too. Her Personalized Holistic Wellness Program integrates all areas of health - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. It includes a holistic assessment, personalized recommendations for herbs and supplements, weekly 1-on-1 health coaching, and an online holistic wellness course. She works with people virtually and long distance, too. Tracey is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, the first and only nutritionist to earn that credential in Wyoming. She holds a diploma as a Master Herbalist and is Wyoming's first and only Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild. She's a Certified Reflexologist and is a National Board Certified Reflexologist with the American Reflexology Certification Board®. She's also a Certified Emotional Healing Coach. Tracey's also a Practitioner Member of the American Holistic Health Association. Her favorite activity is training in Kenpo Karate which she has a 2nd Degree Brown Belt in. But she also enjoys quiet time gardening and crocheting. You can learn more, sign up for her email newsletter, and get a free instant download of her e-book, "How to Lose Weight without Even Thinking about It" on her website

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