30 Flower Essences That Can Help You Lose Weight

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30 Flower Essences That Can Help You Lose Weight

I really found this to be true for myself when I was trying to lose weight and get healthy – that sometimes the emotional issues that are at the root of our weight, or our perception of our weight, can really be obstacles.  This is where the mind-body health benefits of flower essences, which are used for emotional issues, can be a great support.  These gentle remedies bring subtle emotional shifts which can help us make the changes we need to make in order to lovingly care for ourselves, leading to better health and natural weight loss.

With all my heart, I believe that one of the most important first steps to losing weight is loving and accepting ourselves and being happy with our body so that we can lovingly nourish it and focus on our physical and emotional well-being.  So I’ve put together a list of 30 wonderful flower essences for supporting various emotional aspects of body image, self love, and weight, and I hope you’ll find some great support in them:

  1. Agrimony – avoiding or denying emotional pain which can include emotional eating; helps us to acknowledge the pain and work with it to obtain true inner peace
  2. Blackberry – helps with willpower when we have difficulty going from what we want to do to actually creating the new habits and actions we need to achieve it
  3. Buttercup – can transform feelings of low self worth into radiant self assurance
  4. Cayenne – a powerful catalyst for change and transformation when we feel stuck or unable to move forward towards new goals; fiery and energizing
  5. Centaury – neglecting our own needs, especially from feeling like we should take care of everyone else instead of ourselves; helps us recognize that taking care of ourselves allows us to serve others even more by filling up our own cup so that we can pour out to others
  6. Cerato – helps us go from self doubt to self confidence and certainty
  7. Chestnut Bud – for breaking the cycle of old habits that don’t serve us any more and learning from those experiences in order to create new habits
  8. Corn Lily – helps us to embrace the changes in our physical appearance and the hormone changes that come with the aging process and to celebrate them as a symbol of wisdom, maturity, and a full life
  9. Crab Apple – feeling overly concerned about our imperfections
  10. Echinacea – helps us keep a strong sense of self worth especially when we’re struggling with stress, past traumas or abuse, or the effects of unkind remarks from others about our appearance or weight
  11. Evening Primrose – deep feelings of rejection or unworthiness from previous experiences in life
  12. Five Corners – can help change low self love, especially due to our body, into joyously accepting and loving ourselves and recognizing our own beauty
  13. Gentian – feeling discouraged because of setbacks; can help us have the perseverance and confidence we need to keep going even if we feel like our efforts aren’t paying off
  14. Hyssop – feeling ashamed about our body, especially because of previous experiences that lowered our body image
  15. Ilawara Flame Tree – helps people have the strength, confidence, and commitment they need to take that first step towards becoming the person they most want to be with self approval and reliance
  16. Kapok Bush – can help you feel like you can do this, or “I got this!” when you feel discouraged and resigned to your situation and apathetic and half-hearted about trying to change it
  17. Larch – helps when we hold back on giving it our best shot because we expect failure and lack confidence
  18. Madrone – helps us to see food and nourishment as something beneficial and enjoyable instead of turning to severe dieting and being unhappy with our weight and size
  19. Manzanita – support for eating disorders and being unhappy with our body
  20. Old Man Banksia – a great help for low thyroid conditions, especially when you feel sluggish with little energy and are discouraged and frustrated; helps to restore energy, enthusiasm, and a love of life
  21. Peach-Flowered Tea Tree – helps people who quickly and enthusiastically begin something they know to be good for them but then lose interest and don’t follow through
  22. Peppermint – helps when an underactive metabolism or digestive function is making you slow or sluggish
  23. Pink Monkey Flower – for weight gain that is an emotional protection around you, sometimes caused by previous abuse or trauma that leads to shame or unworthiness deep inside; helps people to reach out for love and support and connection and feel safe enough to let go of the barrier between themselves and others
  24. Pretty Face – feeling very focused on your physical body and appearance and seeing it as unattractive; helps you to have radiant inner beauty and self acceptance
  25. Redbud – concern with the physical body and its appearance and wanting to use methods that are outside the natural cycles of the body like cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery, drugs for beauty or weight loss; helps us have inner peace with the natural processes of the body and aging
  26. She Oak – helps with hormonal balance in women by addressing the emotional factors that contribute to hormonal imbalances
  27. Stuart Desert Rose – helps people who have low self esteem due to self-criticism about their actions find the strength and courage to accept what has happened in the past and move on to do what they know they need to do for their well-being
  28. Sunflower – can help low self esteem and self effacement change into a unique and radiant personality no matter our circumstances
  29. Walnut – helps us to make healthy transitions and changes, free from any limiting or negative influences from others
  30. Willow – forgiveness and acceptance, letting go of blame, resentment, or feeling that life is unfair; allows us to be free and flow with life and take responsibility for our situation

So if you’re feeling like you need a little emotional support as you work on your health and weight, you might want to try a little flower power, by using some flower essences.  Very often they can be the catalyst that starts new habits and changes.  It’s not uncommon for people who are using them to suddenly realize that they’ve been feeling and acting differently and are excited about the changes they’re seeing in themselves, even if they can’t really put their finger on exactly why.   The results are passive and subtle, but very effective.

While any of these flower essences remedies can do wonders by itself, just like with herbs, they very often work best combined with other essences into a powerful formula.  It can be helpful to get a custom formula made just for you by a practitioner who is trained in the art of using flower essences.

But please, above all else, my friend, please know that you are beautiful and absolutely worthy of your own love and the love and respect of others.  I struggled for years to lose 90 pounds after my battle with lupus, and I know the emotional pain and feelings of unworthiness that go with that.  But it was only when I began to love myself and take care of my physical and emotional well-being with all my heart that I began to lose weight, and I actually wasn’t even focusing on trying to lose weight.  I lost 90 pounds and have kept it off for 20 years!

I share my story and the strategies I used to do this in my e-book, “How to Lose Weight without Even Thinking about It,” which you can download for free by joining my list below.   I wish you all the best!

All my love,

Tracey  -xx-


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