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I felt like there was no hope for change when I was seriously ill with lupus in 1995. I was convinced my body hated me. But I decided that for the sake of my two young sons, I was going to make a complete recovery even though I had no idea how I would make it happen. And I would use my experiences to help others, too. Now decades later, lupus (and the other auto-immune diseases that came along after it) are all completely gone. At 52 years old, I’m in the best health of my life. I’m fit and strong, and I’m a 2nd Degree Brown Belt in Kenpo Karate. And now I’m thrilled to have a career as a holistic wellness professional and to be able to walk beside others on their healing journey, too.

Imagine what your life will be like on the other side of the changes you want to make.
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What others are saying…

“The chronic fatigue and pain from fibromyalgia were so severe I didn’t think I could keep working much longer.  Having an ‘invisible illness’ that friends and coworkers couldn’t understand was hard to deal with.  Tracey is compassionate and understands what I’m going through because of her own experiences.  The pain and fatigue are gone now, and the stress it’s taken off me feels like a new beginning.”  – Jordan –





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Hi, I’m Tracey.

I started Spirit of the Bear because I made a promise decades ago that when I beat lupus, I’d use what I’d been through to help others accomplish the impossible, too. 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to follow their dreams and create a life they love.  I’m committed to helping you change your health and turn possibilities into reality.



  • Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® (NANP)
  • Certified Dietary Supplement Professional™ (NANP)
  • Certified Nutritional Therapist
  • Registered Herbalist (AHG)
  • Master Herbalist
  • National Board Certified Reflexologist (ARCB®)
  • Certified Reflexologist
  • Certified Emotional Healing Coach
  • Member of the American Holistic Health Association

Clients’ Testimonials…

This was a wonderful, relaxing experience. I will definitely suggest reflexology to my friends!


Tracey is amazing and extremely knowledgeable. She informed me on stuff no physician ever took the time to explain. I’m now on the way to recovery after 30 plus years of pain and not knowing what to do. Thank you lots Deanna C & Granddaughter Tara H. PS Molly is a doll & so sweet.


This was my first experience going to see a reflexologist I went in with some issue I had suffered for years and was tired of feeling sick and hurting all the time Tracey was a blessing for me I talked to her about some of my issues and she did the rest very gentle yet effective I left feeling like a knew woman I am from out of town I have been there twice and second time felt even better Tracey cares about her clients and truly helps with aches and pains Thank you Tracey for everything.


This was a wonderful experience with a skilled and sensitive lady. I will return due to the great health benefit I experienced. I highly recommend this professional.


I had my first reflexology appointment yesterday and it was a wonderful experience. I have had many massages in the past but none of them have helped with my pain the way reflexology did. Tracey is extremely professional and kind, and she went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I look forward to returning and making reflexology a staple in my pain and stress management.


Tracey is so nice. She’s a great listener, I never feel like a bother. I went through the initial consult and 3 months of weekly meetings, and it was wonderful. I went in with some specific health issues, including some swelling that was concerning and I’m so pleased that she helped me with those 100% naturally. I came back to her with new bloodwork and she’s helping me conquer the next thing. It’s not easy, but she is so supportive, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. I appreciate her so very much.


I suffer with severe pain in my neck and back due to a horse accident many years ago, and I also tend to get bronchitis and I have asthma. Having Covid just a few months ago, I told Tracey some of the things I was battling. She gave gave me a WONDERFUL, relaxing foot and hand massage, and I felt so much better! I am three days out and my lungs are completely clear and my neck pain has been reduced. I plan to get reflexology on a regular basis to maintain my health.


I decided to try a reflexology session a few weeks ago with Tracey on a whim and I am so glad I did! I was new to reflexology but have been on a wellness and stress reduction journey for a while so was excited to try it. It was an amazing experience so relaxing and rejuvenating, it felt like the best massage but better just knowing it has so many benefits for your body. Tracey is kind, calm and has a very healing presence and it’s nice to have Molly relaxing with you. I will be back soon, it could easily turn into an essential part of my routine. Thanks Tracey!


Great experience! Very relaxing and professional! I will definitely be back!


My experience was fantastic. Tracey was professional and so kind. I found a significant improvement in my pain after just one treatment. I rebooked immediately. Definitely recommend.

S. M.

I was a little hesitant to make an appointment. Seemed impossible that rubbing my hands and feet could make a difference. Well…. it did! There is a chart on the wall that explains the connections. After the first visit I was sleeping thru the night. I don’t think I felt as sad. Not only did I make one appointment.. I made 4…(more I’m sure) Tracey is such a blessing. I thank God for putting her in my life. I have signed up for her Wellness program. I have issues that I would like to head off. It’s going to be an adventure. Thank you, Tracey.


It’s a very warm and inviting space. I had never tried reflexology before and I was unsure what to expect. It was lovely. Very professional, yet cozy as well. More importantly, I got results. I have gone twice for emotional support for grief and loss and each time I come out of my funk. I would and have highly recommended Tracy for reflexology.


My wife got me an appointment with Tracey, and I had to go. The experience was very relaxing, and I’m sure Tracey must have fixed something in my old body. I look forward to a return visit next time I am in Cheyenne. Thanks, Tracey.


After my reflexology treatment, my feet felt so much better, and my walking improved since my feet didn’t hurt like they did before the treatment. I am going to try weekly reflexology treatments, and see if that helps even more!

T. A.

If you haven’t tried Reflexology with Tracey yet, you should! I started a year ago with numbness in my hands from a pinched nerve in my neck and pain going down my leg with pain in my knee. Been for x-rays and CT scans, with nothing helping me. Really effecting my ability to do things. Reflexology has been the solution for me!!! Tracey is very professional and really cares. Not to mention her sessions are so very relaxing, a very “Zen” place to visit!!! I look forward to my every other week appointments with Tracey and her Service Dog Molly!


Tracey is my angel! I got her name from a friend who knew I was having some health issues. I was diagnosed with RA and very sick on the medicine the doctors prescribed. I started my quest for health not knowing if it would work or not. 90 days into my work with Tracey, I was off all medicines, some I had been on for 20 years. I was virtually pain free and my lab results showed dramatic decrease in inflammation and others!!! It works. I continue my work with Tracey. I have a long way to go but it’s the first time in my life I can remember being pain free!!!!


Tracey is so nice. She’s a great listener, I never feel like a bother. She is knowledgeable and helpful. In just a few weeks of working with her I’m already seeing some results. I know it’s a long road but I’m excited about what I’m seeing already.


Tracey made my first visit sooo welcoming! Love the atmosphere, calming. I left there very relaxed and have already made my next appointment! Can’t wait!


The Reflexology treatment was out of this world. I was so relaxed and the atmosphere was comfortable and felt very safe. I would recommend a visit to anyone who wants to relax, treat themselves, or for consistent general health benefits.


I was a little skeptical at first. My daughter in law said “Tracey is totally amazing ” I have gone twice. I am sleeping thru the night (such a blessing) I don’t seem to be so sad. Tracey is now helping with the pain in my hands. So thankful for her gentle kind spirit!


My 1st visit ever to a reflexologist. Amazing experience. Cannot wait for my next appointment. Peaceful, charming atmosphere…I had to begin taking insulin in early October for diabetes. Starting the day after my 1st visit, my a.m. sugar has been in the normal range. 

Joann S.

Tracey is amazing. After just 3 appointments, my plantar fasciitis – which has been debilitating for a year and a half – is gone. I have tested out standing, walking for long periods of time, and my foot remains pain free. I also have had lifelong migraines that worsened over the years. After seeing Tracey for 3 weeks, they have been reduced by 75%. I had no idea how such an enjoyable appointment could be so life changing. Tracey has restored so much through her work with me. Prior to seeing her, I had tried many other options, none of which made any real difference. I waited purposefully to leave a review, taking time to track my symptoms carefully, and can say completely objectively that Tracey’s work produces astounding results. Highly recommend using Tracey for ANY issues you may be having!!!!

Jamie S.

Absolutely amazing experience with an equally awesome practitioner!!!! Will definitely do it again!


It’s a very warm and inviting space. I had never tried reflexology before and I was unsure what to expect. It was lovely. Very professional, yet cozy as well. More importantly, I got results. I have gone twice for emotional support for grief and loss and each time I come out of my funk. I would and have highly recommended Tracey for reflexology.


Tracey is amazing. She is knowledgeable and gifted in her craft. Her office is relaxing and has such good energy. I have benefited from Reflexology appointments and look forward to starting her wellness program.


What a wonderful experience for my first time trying reflexology. Tracey is highly skilled, kind, and comfortable to be around. I was able to notice a difference after my first session!


Outstanding service. Tracey is caring, empathetic, nurturing and professional. Centrally located with good parking. Our visit eased the physical pain I live with day to day due to a neck injury. I will be back.


My experience was fantastic. Tracey was professional and so kind. I found a significant improvement in my pain after just one treatment. I rebooked immediately. Definitely recommend.


Looking for a new path to wellness? Try reflexology! My body felt great after my first appointment and Tracey and her service pup have wonderful energy.


Tracey has changed my life! Forever grateful for her and Molly! I feel great!


Tracey has a wonderful place, very nice and relaxing. Her services are amazing and really helped me with some pain I was having in my feet and hands. I highly recommend her!


Tracey is awesome! Super kind and professional! She is very knowledgeable and encouraging. I look forward to my future appointments.

Update – I have been seeing Tracey for a year. A year ago I had a ton of pain and couldn’t eat any food without getting sick, my lupus was destroying my ability to enjoy life. Today I dont have any pain, I am able to eat food and not get sick. My quality of life has drastically changed. She has also helped my son who was failing to thrive at 1 yr old. He is now growing is happy and healthy and is making so much progress. I definitely recommend her she is great!


Tracey is very good at what she does. It has helped me with my pain and chilled me out a lot.


Excellent Care


Tracey is very professional and caring in her wonderful reflexology sessions.


Tracey is fantastic. I would recommend the reflexology experience to everyone. Relaxing environment, very professional. Molly is an added benefit that comes with a great experience.


Great reflexology. Tracey truly cares about her clients. Reflexology is very relaxing and beneficial.


Tracey is amazing and the atmosphere is very relaxing and welcoming. I sprained my arm in the past, and with my job I require the use of my wrists on a daily basis. Reflexology has helped me maintain my injury, and give me relief from my pain that I had once experienced prior to seeing Tracey. I’m so thankful I tried reflexology, and it has completely changed my life since the past 1.5 years of seeing her.


I have had several follow up appointments now and have started with the herbal supplements. I highly recommend Tracey’s services. I’ve started implementing the wellness plan we developed and am already seeing results. If you’re looking for a way to change your life for the better Tracey is the perfect person to guide you!


I had a session with Spirit of the Bear – Empowering Wellness and it was excellent. Not only did we work on my personal issues impeding my own healing, but the reflexology helped my body recover from the damages done over time. Thank you for the help and encouragement.


Loved it. Tracey is amazing at what she does. The reflexology feels amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try it. Tracey not only knows what she is doing but she’s super nice and easy to talk to.


What an amazing experience! Tracey is an extraordinary person – love what she does with her soothing hands. My feet and hands now feel really good again! I had 3 sessions and will go for more. She really does make for ‘HAPPY FEET’!


Tracey was an amazing facilitator. Very calming and listens to you Gives you her full attention and is VERY qualified. I would highly recommend her services!


This was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it for anyone, from child to adult! Tracey really knows what she is doing!


Tracey’s attention to detail, time spent and knowledge are truly commendable. I thoroughly enjoy working with her. It’s making a difference!

J. J.

AMAZING! – Tracey is an amazing reflexologist.  I’ve been going to her nearly every week for two years now.  I hate when I have to miss a week.  The results I see and feel are amazing.


Great experience – I’ve tried several places around town that claimed they do reflexology.  However, when I went in, all they did was do a terrible job at just rubbing my feet, no skills involved.  But Tracey is the real deal.  I told her my problem, and she knew the exact spots to give attention to.  I’ll definitely be going back, and I recommend her to everyone.


Relaxing new experience – I didn’t know what to expect when my family gave me a gift certificate for a reflexology treatment.  It was a very relaxing session and fits in well with my acupuncture regimen.  It helped my indigestion and sore back also.  I would recommend it to everyone.


Very relaxing – Reflexology is helpful and relaxing.  Been going to Spirit of the Bear two years now.  Definitely has helped varicose veins and knee pain.


Amazing! – I purchased a gift certificate as a part of an auction basket and wasn’t sure what to expect.  Tracey explained the benefits, and we talked about some areas to focus on.  I felt very comfortable throughout the process, and it was an extremely relaxing experience.


#Listen – #1 priority is to listen, and you’ll find that’s what happens here.  – I believe I’ve found a partner who will help because she listens.


Incredibly helpful – I walked in for my session feeling incredibly stressed and walked out relaxed and feeling great.  Tracey is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring.  Thank you!


Loved my session! – I walk out of Tracey’s office on a cloud.  I see her for a foot pain issue, and she makes the pain go away in my foot and makes both my legs “feel like new.”  The sessions are always very relaxing and restorative.


Tracey is outstanding – If you’re looking for an alternative way to relieve stress and truly decompress, book with her, and you won’t be disappointed.  Reflexology is a talent and a gift – Tracey has both.


Reflexology is the best – Tracey is the best reflexologist.  She’s extremely knowledgeable and takes great care to listen to the issues that are going on and pays special attention to those areas.   I highly recommend Tracey and Spirit of the Bear for your first/next reflexology session


Reflexology – Highly recommend.  It’s a very relaxing hour away from the world.  – I have sinus problems, and it has helped me a lot.


Tracey is a wonderful reflexologist and person.  She’s very sensitive to my body’s special needs and sensitivities.  As a result, we’ve seen huge improvement in the issues I’ve been seeing her for.  I highly recommend Tracey at Spirit of the Bear.  Call her today!


Great experience – I can feel myself getting better from the chronic fatigue and pain.  I am encouraged with the progress.  This is a great investment in myself.


Feeling younger – Wow!  Finally, someone who listens!  Less fatigued after a few weeks!  Female hormones (initial reason for visit) are regulated.   Minor miracle at 47.  I’ve had a benign tumor on my adrenal gland that has been causing high blood pressure and low potassium for 13 years.  Doctor has cut blood pressure meds in half in just a month.  Looking forward to the CAT scan.


Hope in sight – As a teen with Hashimoto’s I didn’t realize just how badly I felt till I started on Tracey’s protocol.  I feel like I am starting to crawl out of a pit.  Have felt more energy, sleeping better, and overall pain level is down.


Truly Outstanding – since my arm injury, seeing Tracey has made my quality of life so much better.  Seeking a career that requires the use of my hands and wrists, I was very worried about my ability to continue my schooling, but Tracey has been able to work with me and finally I no longer live with a painful ‘knot’ feeling from my sprain anymore.  Seeing her is the highlight of my week, and I truly don’t know what I would do without her and reflexology.  If anyone has an injury pain, please give this practice a try!


Getting healthy – When I first started I was depressed, having horrible hot flashes and sugar cravings.  After about 30 days, mild to no hot flashes, sleeping 8+ hours of sleep, have more energy and no more sugar cravings.  I feel like I got a new lease on life.


Feeling great!  –  I recently had a nutritional consultation with Tracey.  She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to and so caring and detailed about individual needs.  I felt very comfortable discussing my symptoms and also some alternative diet and nutritional plans.  I followed her advice and am now on a daily regime of what she has suggested to best suit the needs of my body.  I’m feeling great so far and can’t wait to see how it goes from here!  Thanks so much, Tracey!  You’re wonderful!


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by Guest Contributor Peggie Zih RH(AHG), RCC(WABC), BCHN®(NANP), CST-T(UI), BCN(ANMCB)
life coach, clinical herbalist, holistic nutritionist, and craniosacral therapist at Zenses in Health

Why Reflexology May Be the Answer

by Guest Contributor Jamie Cannon, MS, LPC
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Animal Totems - Bear Spirit

The bear has always been one of the most important and powerful medicines throughout history.

Herbalism and other natural medicines have been called “bear medicine” by cultures around the world and throughout the ages. The bear has been considered to be the healer, the spirit animal or totem of the person who gathers and prepares food and medicine.

Ancient people noticed how the bear is grounded, in harmony with the seasons and the earth. She instinctively gathers the foods, roots, herbs, and berries she needs for her own health. Herbs like Uva Ursi were named for the bears that love them.

The bear’s awakening from the deep sleep of winter each spring has symbolized powerful healing forces, rising up from adversity to new life and vitality.

The bear spirit represents the strong yang qualities of leadership, courage, strength, empowerment, taking action, confidence, and standing up for what you believe. And it’s balanced with the tender yin qualities of Mother Earth – wisdom, patience, introspection, and a playful nurturance accompanied by healing love.

We are all healers. Some of our most important life work is the healing we do for ourselves and those close to us. Even the daily gathering and preparation of wholesome, nourishing food is the loving work of a healer.

Walk your healing path with purpose and heart. You have the traits of the bear spirit within you already. You’re a leader, here for a reason to do great things that only you can do.

Not sure where to start?  Have questions?

No matter where you’re at with your health or what you’d like to improve, I can help you get on track and figure out what solutions are right for you.