What is Reflexology and how can it help you?

I love talking to people about how reflexology can help them!  I’ve been practicing reflexology for almost twenty years, and I’m still amazed all the time with the different experiences and results clients experience!

Reflexology can feel a lot like an amazing foot and hand massage, but actually it isn’t massage at all.  You might be wondering just exactly how reflexology works, so here’s a technical, rather nerdy definition for you – Reflexology is a natural therapy done to bring stress relief, improved circulation, balance, and many more benefits to the entire body by applying specific reflexology pressure techniques to the hands and feet because the entire body – every organ, gland, bone, muscle, etc. – has reflexes on the hands and feet. You’re sending a message from the hands and feet, to the body, telling those parts of the body to relax.

But the way I like to explain it is that when you get a reflexology session, I’m working on your hands and feet for an hour on the specific reflexes that will help support whatever it is that the body needs to address based on what you’re experiencing at that moment – pain, stress, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, emotions, etc.   But on your end, it’s going to feel like the most wonderful and relaxing foot and hand massage you ever had!

Most of what we do to take care of ourselves and our health can sometimes feel like a lot of work, honestly.  But reflexology is a real treat because it’s a passive and very enjoyable way to improve our health.  All you have to do is put your feet up, relax, and enjoy the benefits.  Getting healthy never felt so fantastic!  Be sure to watch the video about my reflexology sessions on my “About” page.

American Reflexology Certification Board

For more information on the reflexology, its history, benefits, reflexology studies and research, and frequently asked questions please click the button below to visit the American Reflexology Certification Board.

Reflexology Professionals Kevin and Barbara Kunz

The world of reflexology is alive with researched possibilities.

Additionally click the button below to visit the website of Kevin and Barbara Kunz for more helpful information on Reflexology.

A directory listing from A to Z on Reflexology Research projects

Kevin and Barbara Kunz page on reflexology research projects is especially informative.  You can look up specific conditions A-Z and see what research has shown about the benefits of reflexology for those conditions.

Why National Board Certification with the American Reflexology Certification Board Matters?

5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Reflexologist

Click to read a great blog on the ARCB website.


ARCB explains why certification matters for reflexology practitioners :

Today, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies are one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare worldwide. As a result, qualified Reflexologists with the highest credentials are being sought by the public and the health care industry. In order to promote reflexology through testing and recognition of competent professional practitioners, ARCB was founded in 1991. ARCB is a non-profit certifying agency which exists to protect the public and promote reflexology through certification of those Reflexologists who practice on a professional basis and choose to be certified as meeting basic national standards. ARCB is the only certifying agency recognized by the Reflexology Association of America. We are not affiliated with any school and do not endorse any specific reflexology training curriculum. Our study materials and test have been approved by several state and local government agencies as a basis for licensing Reflexologists. ARCB exams are based on psychometrically valid models reviewed by industry experts. Achieving and maintaining national certification from ARCB provides the public and your employer or affiliates with the assurance that you have achieved the highest level of certification available in the United States today and that you abide by a code of ethics and business practices recognized nationally by many law enforcement and government agencies. By achieving certification you are also eligible to receive client referrals through ARCB.

What to Expect during a Reflexology Session?

Reflexology is relaxing and is very enjoyable!  Like I said, it feels like the best hand and foot massage you ever had.  You just get to relax in my reclining chair while I work on your hands and feet for an hour.  It’s a very spa-like experience with a wonderful relaxing ambiance, aromatherapy, hot stones, and warm towels.

How to Prepare for a Reflexology Session?

Please fill out the paperwork that you get in your scheduling confirmation email and bring that with you.  Plan on your first session being an hour and 15 minutes.  The first 15 minutes is for us to get to know each other and go over your intake and then an hour of reflexology.  Please be well hydrated.  Wear clothes that are loose at the wrists and ankles.

Just come prepared to relax and unwind for an hour!  I’m thrilled that you’ve scheduled a session, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you!  See you soon!

Cost of a Reflexology Session

The first session of Reflexology which includes going over your personal health history intake with you and an hour of reflexology costs $70.   All other one hour sessions are $60.

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Please Note:  I have a service dog who has to be with me during reflexology sessions and consultations.

Reflexology – First Session

This is a 75 minute appointment – 15 minutes to review intake and a 60 minute session.



One hour reflexology session.


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