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We all want our companion animals to be happy and healthy, so we give them the most nutritious pet food, treats, and supplements that we can find.  After much research, I decided that Life’s Abundance pet food and treats and Standard Process dog and cat supplements were the best products for my pets.  I’m making them available for you here, as well, because I know how important it is to have the peace of mind knowing that your pets are getting the very best.

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Life’s Abundance, a company that has been around for almost 20 years, has never had a recall of any of their products.  They continue to be leaders and pioneers in the pet food industry with groundbreaking innovations in nutrition such as including antioxidants, prebiotics, and probiotics; never using artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives; and not relying on glutens, corns, and wheat – grains that are highly susceptible to mold toxins – as inexpensive protein sources.

Formulated by holistic veterinarian Dr. Jane Bicks, their foods are fresh and delivered fast.  Made in small batches, they are quickly transported to their clean, environmentally controlled warehouses, and then delivered straight to your door, ensuring that the products you receive are only about 4 – 6 weeks old.  Other companies make their food in mega-batches and store them for months or a year or more before you receive them.  


And because the treats your cat or dog eats are as important as their food, Life’s Abundance has a wonderful variety of healthy treats for pets.  You can also be assured that the products you use on your pets such as shampoos and skin conditioners are safe and high quality with Life’s Abundance.

Life’s Abundance provides excellence in customer service and support, and pet owners can even communicate with their pet product formulator and holistic veterinarian Dr. Bicks by email.

You can conveniently order Life’s Abundance products through my Independent Field Representative account at the link below from anywhere in the country.  Please let me know if I can be of any help to you.



Because I’m an Independent Field Representative for Life’s Abundance, I’m providing you links for my Life’s Abundance replicator site.   Through these links, you’ll be able to order, as my customer, any of their great products and have them shipped directly from their warehouse straight to your door.  By selecting the “Autoship” option, you can receive the same wholesale prices I pay.  It’s important that you use these links I’m providing in order to be in my account, otherwise, just going to the Life’s Abundance website, you’ll be assigned as a customer to another Independent Field Representative’s account.

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Your pets will thank you!

Would you also like to compare your current cat food to Life’s Abundance foods?  By clicking the button below, you can compare your current cat food to Life’s Abundance cat food for yourself.

Would you also like to compare your current dog food to Life’s Abundance foods?  By clicking the button below, you can compare your current dog food to Life’s Abundance dog food for yourself.

Meet Molly and Hobbes

Molly’s my service dog who’s frequently mistaken for a black lab puppy because she’s so small.  But she’s actually a Whipador – a black lab and whippet mix.  Whippets are a smaller version of greyhounds that were bred to hunt rabbits in England.  So she’s COMPLETELY obsessed with bunnies, very skinny, super high energy, and loves to run!

Hobbes is my cuddle kitty who’s 15 years old and weighs half as much as Molly does.  He’s a big boy!  He adores Molly – much more than she adores him.  And he’s a very happy cat when he can occasionally talk her into a cuddle.



People often ask me what I feed Molly to keep her coat so shiny and silky and what I feed Hobbes that has him looking like a cat half his age with such soft, fluffy fur and not overweight at all.  So I’ll share my secrets with you.  Molly gets the grain free Life’s Abundance dog food, and Hobbes gets the grain free Life’s Abundance cat food.  I always add a little warm water to their kibble when I feed them just to keep it from being too drying.  And I add a spoonful or so of some of the Life’s Abundance canned foods for cats and dogs to make the water more broth-like.

Then I add in Standard Process Whole Body Canine Support to Molly’s and Standard Process Whole Body Feline Support to Hobbes’ along with some of the Life’s Abundance Fish Oil for Pets.  I make homemade yogurt and kefir, and add a little in their food each feeding.  And finally, I include a pinch of an Ayurvedic herbal formula called Triphala.  So now you know – how an herbalist/nutritionist feeds her cat and dog.

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Also available to purchase from me, either in my office or drop shipped to you, the wonderful Standard Process nutritional supplements for dogs and cats.  

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