How can I schedule, change, or cancel an appointment?

The easiest way to schedule an appointment or manage existing appointments is through the “Schedule” page on my website which uses Genbook, a convenient online scheduling program.  And there’s a great “Last Minute Bookings” feature which allows you to pay now and save 20% on appointments up to 72 hours out.

Can I bring a supplement or nutritional product and get your opinion on the product, the company, and/or whether or not it would be a good supplement for me?

In order to provide quality service, I generally do not do this for several reasons.  I’m very pleased  with the companies and their products that I use and recommend.  I know the research and science behind their products and the quality of the manufacturing and processing facilities they use.  I trust their expertise, knowledge, and experience that goes into formulating their products.  And I know that their materials are organic and/or sustainably and ethically grown and harvested.

I just do not know all of that information about other companies and their products.  As part of my commitment to you and the environment, I am very selective about the products and companies I use or recommend.

Can you – either through reflexology or nutritional supplements or diet – help me with my particular disease, condition, or mental health issue?

This is an important question and one that I hear frequently, so I’m happy to explain this.  Only a medical doctor or mental health professional can treat those.   I work on promoting and building good health, strengthening the structure and function of the body and its systems.  I can provide natural and holistic nutritional and herbal support for your wellness needs, but those needs are not necessarily defined by your diagnosis.  Your treatment, care, medications, etc. for that condition are exclusively up to your doctor, therapist, etc.

I can in some cases show you research and case studies that have shown how people with many different conditions or diagnoses benefited from reflexology or nutritional therapy, and I have provided some links on my website to some great websites that have compiled some of this information and research.  And I have some wonderful brochures on that in my office, too.

My very honest answer to your question always is, let’s work on building your health through nutritional and herbal support and reflexology and see what happens.   The body can do amazing things with proper support and nourishment!

Can you through muscle testing or any other form of assessment or through reflexology determine if I have a virus or parasites or the flu or cancer or any other condition?

Again, this is another great question that I’m happy to answer.  I cannot do this for several reasons.  To do so would be making a medical diagnosis which only a medical doctor can do.  It is not legal for me to do that or to claim that I can do that.  But most important, it isn’t what I do.  I don’t identify disease conditions and/or treat them.  I focus on wellness and helping clients build and promote their health through strengthening the structure and function of the body and its systems.  It is a fundamentally different concept.

In my consultations and assessments, I’m interested in finding imbalances or weaknesses or things of that nature and then recommending natural support that can strengthen the structure and function and energetic balance of those areas.

What does “holistic” mean?

I refer often to “holistic wellness” or a “holistic approach,” so this is a great question.  According to Merriam-Webster, holistic is defined as, “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.  Holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body.”

When I use the word “holistic,” I mean that I look at the whole, complete picture of everything that is contributing to your health state, and my goal is to address all of that in order to help you be completely whole and healthy.

“Holistic” is not a religious or philosophical view or New Age or anything like that.  It merely means to address the whole of the individual – their physical body, emotional well-being, social, family, career, etc.  How is your “whole” life affecting your wellness?

Think of a time when you were very sad or depressed.  Did it affect you physically?  Did you feel more tired, have aches and pains, maybe sleep poorly?  And think of a time when perhaps you were in great physical pain.  Did the pain affect you emotionally?  That helps to explain the concept of “holistic.”

A Holistic approach simply means that to achieve optimum health and well-being, we have to take a look at every area of our lives, because no aspect of it can be functioning poorly without it impacting the others.  Conversely, if we are strengthening and building every part of our whole – socially, emotionally, physically, etc. –  it will have a positive effect on every other aspect of our well-being.

Do you practice reiki?

I’m not really sure why I get so many phone calls about this, but since I do, I am including it in the FAQ here.  I am not a reiki practitioner, and reiki is not a service I offer.

Does insurance cover any of your services?

I’m not aware of any insurance companies that cover reflexology or holistic health consultations in Wyoming.