Spirit of the Bear - Etsy Shop…

Just purely for fun…

Welcome to the page for my Etsy shop, my hobby business that helps to pay for my yarn addiction and spares all my friends and family from getting dozens of crocheted Christmas presents each year.

As all my clients know, I emphasize the importance of hobbies, creativity, and fun as being just as important for good health as exercise.   Crocheting has been my one lifelong hobby, something I’ve enjoyed for over 40 years!   It’s been a great stress relief and a tremendous emotional boost for me many times!

Marvelous ideas are always running through my mind about how I could change all the inventory in my shop to fit the theme of my business, but for now – or at least until I can figure out how to clone myself so that I can have more spare time – it’s a simple shop comprised of a few creature comforts made with lots of TLC.

SpiritOfTheBear Etsy shop is a member of the Wyoming Business Council’s “Made in Wyoming” program.

10% of all sales is donated to Wyoming Service Dogs.

Please click on the link below to enter my shop

Below is a Gallery of some of the items from my shop, currently available and previously sold.  To purchase any of them, please click on the link to my shop above.