How Can a Consultation Help You?

Do you have a cupboard full of all the products you’ve bought for your health?  Oh my gosh, I think I had two or three cupboards full of herbs and vitamins back when I was trying to get well!  It can be a real frustration and cost so much money to try to figure out just exactly what to take to feel great and be at the top of your game.

This is where a holistic wellness professional like me can really help you!   I take the mystery out of trying to figure out what areas of the body are needing some attention with a thorough holistic assessment.  And then I simplify what you can do to make improvements by going over with you what herbs, nutritional supplements, diet recommendations, and lifestyle changes can help support that.

What To Expect During a Holistic Wellness Consultation?

If you haven’t felt like you’ve been heard before, I want you to know that you can expect to really be listened to with me.  One of the most difficult things for me when I was going through my serious illnesses, was feeling like no one listened.  You deserve to feel like you’re valuable and that all your thoughts and feelings and experiences are heard and understood.

Also, I trust that you understand your body better than anyone else!  You know all the events and stresses and emotions that have played a role in what you’re experiencing today.  And every detail matters because it’s all contributed to the overall “holistic” picture of what you have going on.   But I also take the time to listen because I care.  I empathize with what you’re going through, and I want to really connect with you and build an amazing relationship as we work together.  That’s equally as important to me as understanding all the facts about your health.

And then finally, this part of a consultation with me may feel very different to you.  Expect that we’ll work together to design the plan that’s the best fit for you.  I’m very intentional about not having a one-size-fits-all protocol or program.  Your needs and goals and the pace you want to set are all unique, and I always honor that.   This is a collaborative effort.  There are so many ways we can help you achieve your goals, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it.  So we’ll find that sweet spot where what you are able to do and the various recommendations and suggestions I can offer intersect into the perfect custom plan for you!

My initial consultations are always two-part.  The first session is all about us getting to know each other and an in-depth assessment.  At the end of this session, we’ll set up a time to get back together again and come up with your plan.  Because after that first session, I put quite a bit more time and thought and research into your case and come up with some ideas for recommendations.   So at the second session, we talk about everything that I’ve found in your assessment and the various recommendations that I have, and together we work out that perfect wellness plan for you.   BOTH sessions are considered the “initial consultation” and covered by the $120 fee.

How To Prepare for a Natural Wellness Consultation?

Please complete the paperwork that comes with your email schedule confirmation and bring it with you to your appointment.  If it’s possible for you to scan it and email it to me ahead of time, that is super helpful for me.  If you have blood test results, bring those, too.  Also, if you’re currently taking any nutritional supplements or herbs, please bag those up and bring them with you.

Plan on about one and a half hours for your first appointment. Please be well hydrated and don’t drink caffeine for several hours before your appointment.

And come prepared to have a good time.  Think of this as just a conversation over a cup of tea with a good friend.  I’m thrilled that you’re going to be coming in for a session, and I’m delighted to get to know you!   See you soon!

Cost of a Natural Wellness Consultation

The first consultation includes an in-depth assessment and a second session where we figure out your wellness plan.  This costs $120.

Follow up consultations are $60.  Individualized wellness packages are available for comprehensive care.

Please Note: I have a service dog who has to be with me during reflexology sessions and consultations.

FREE 30 Minute Exploratory Session

Select this option if you would like to talk to me about how reflexology or an herbal/nutritional consultation can help you.  There is no charge and no obligation.


New Client Initial Consultation

Select this option if this is your first nutritional/herbal consultation, in person or long distance.  This is a 90 minute holistic intake and assessment.


Established Client Consultation

Select this option if you have previously had a consultation with me, in person or long distance.  This is a one hour appointment.


Quick Care Consultation

This is a 30 minute appointment for new or established clients who need a brief consultation for support for minor or acute issues, in person or long distance.


Reflexology – First Session

Select this if it is your first time to schedule a reflexology session with me, whether or not you have had a natural wellness consultation with me previously. This is a 75 minute appointment – 15 minutes to review intake and a 60 minute session.



Please select this option if you have previously received a reflexology session from me.


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