How Can a Consultation Help You?

I offer FREE 30 minute initial consultations so you can learn more about how reflexology, herbs, nutritional supplements, and more can help you. You can make an appointment for a free consultation through my Schedule page.

The goal of a Natural Wellness Consultation is to determine what you can do holistically to build strong health. Often natural products are used in a pharmacological manner in an attempt to naturally treat disease. When most people look at health, they look only at disease. But health isn’t a lack of disease. Disease is a lack of health.

There are root causes of illness. I want to take a different approach and work on those root causes to help strengthen your health and the function of your body naturally. This is the purpose of a natural wellness consultation – to look at your constitution, diet, lifestyle, what’s going on in your environment, stresses, and more, in order to piece together what the roots are that need to be addressed to build good health.


What To Expect During a Natural Wellness Consultation?

How can I help you? During a consultation, expect compassion and empathy, listening with an open heart and taking the time to really get to know you.

Drawing from a variety of assessment methods such as tongue and pulse, iridology, muscle testing, and more we will explore the roots of who you are physically and emotionally and how those have painted the picture of your wellness today.

We will probably spend some time talking about a variety of things including lifestyle, diet, exercise, and emotional healing techniques. There are many ways to accomplish your goals, so we will explore all those options.

Together as a team we will develop a program that is the right fit for you.

How To Prepare for a Natural Wellness Consultation?

Please complete the paperwork that comes with your email schedule confirmation and bring it with you to your appointment. Plan on about one and a half hours for your first appointment. Please be well hydrated and do not drink caffeine for several hours before your appointment. Come with an open mind and a strong desire to be your true self, and be ready to work as a team.

Cost of a Natural Wellness Consultation

The first consultation which includes an in-depth assessment is about an hour and a half and costs $70. Subsequent follow up consultations are $35. Please see my “Services and Rates” page to learn about my Ultimate Wellness Package which combines reflexology and holistic health consultations at a significantly reduced rate for maximum wellness benefits.

Please Note: I have a service dog who has to be with me during reflexology sessions and consultations.

FREE 30 Minute Exploratory Session

Select this option if you would like to talk to me about how reflexology or an herbal/nutritional consultation can help you.  There is no charge and no obligation.


New Client Initial Consultation

Select this option if this is your first nutritional/herbal consultation, in person or long distance.  This is a 90 minute holistic intake and assessment.


Established Client Consultation

Select this option if you have previously had a consultation with me, in person or long distance.  This is a one hour appointment.


Quick Care Consultation

This is a 30 minute appointment for new or established clients who need a brief consultation for support for minor or acute issues, in person or long distance.


Reflexology – First Session

Select this if it is your first time to schedule a reflexology session with me, whether or not you have had a natural wellness consultation with me previously. This is a 75 minute appointment – 15 minutes to review intake and a 60 minute session.



Please select this option if you have previously received a reflexology session from me.


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