About the Practitioner

I love both the challenge and the reward of working in a partnership with clients, helping them with their individual wellness goals by getting to the root of difficult health issues and offering natural support to build good health.

My passion for this comes from my own journey to overcome serious illnesses and debilitating conditions. I’ve experienced the depression and life-changing effects that came with trying to live with the new “normal” as these health problems began to impact all areas of my life. I’ve been there, and I came through it by rebuilding my health with natural therapies.

And that’s why this is so exciting for me! It’s about offering hope and new beginnings. Because with the right nutritional and herbal support, reflexology for bodywork, and even some flower essences for emotional support, the body can do so much to rebuild health! There’s a whole new normal waiting for you! You can do it! You can get there!

My credentials include being a National Board Certified Reflexologist through the American Reflexology Certification Board since 2002, holding a diploma as a Master Herbalist (Midwest School of Herbal Studies, 2014), and being a Certified Nutritional Therapist (International Integrative Educational Institute, 2017), and a Certified Emotional Healing Coach (The School of Modern Herbal Medicine, 2016).

Because of my commitment to the field of holistic health, I have pursued my studies with excellent teachers who are all Registered Herbalists with the American Herbalists Guild, the highest level of professional herbalism in the country, and all but one are actually past presidents of the American Herbalists Guild as well. Two of them teach at prestigious universities including Bastyr University near Seattle, and one is considered to be one of the foremost natural healers in North America.  It has been an honor and a privilege to learn from these incredible teachers!

Not only is holistic health my passion, but volunteer and advocacy work is also very important to me. So my concerns for the welfare of those with disabilities has led me to be a Board Member on the Mayor’s Council for People with Disabilities here in Cheyenne and also to be a volunteer for Wyoming Service Dogs.

And when it’s time to relax, I enjoy being outdoors, gardening, and spending time with family and my dog Molly. My favorite activities are my two yin and yang hobbies – crocheting and Kenpo Karate. I have an Etsy shop where I sell some of my crochet creations (www.spiritofthebear.etsy.com), and I’m a member of the Wyoming Business Council’s “Made in Wyoming” program.

I’ve lived in Wyoming for most of my life and have been in Cheyenne since 2006.  I enjoy being a member of this great community!

And I’m a super proud momma of two amazing firefighter sons!