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We’ve all got that vision of what it would be like to have the life and business or career we most dream of.   But sometimes our health and wellness isn’t supporting our goals like we need.

I’ve been there, and I understand the struggle.  A couple of decades ago, I woke up to a health crisis so serious, that it would forever change the course of my life.  After months of hospital stays with my condition worsening, I was finally diagnosed with lupus and eventually more auto-immune diseases as well.

But I’ve never been one to just resign myself to circumstances.  So I made up my mind that I was going to beat lupus, completely.  And it didn’t matter if no one thought it could be done.  To me, they were only saying that because no one they knew ever had.

I turned to alternative therapies and began to make progress.  But I wasn’t getting completely well like I wanted to.  I knew if I were to fully regain my health, I’d have to study holistic medicine myself from the greatest experts in the world, and that’s exactly what I did for many years.

And by applying what I learned in my studies to my own health, I did indeed make a full recovery.  And now, I’m in the best health of my life.  I’m a martial artist, and I own a holistic practice where I’m privileged to be able to empower others who want to be as strong and healthy as they possibly can be, too.

I believe that we can always take steps to improve our health and better our condition.  I also believe that each of us is here for a specific reason, that we have gifts to bring to the world that no one else ever will be able to.  These talents and passions and abilities are ours to change the world with!

So the most important step we can take towards living that amazing life we were put here to live, is first, to be as strong and healthy as we possibly can be!

And that’s why I work with clients doing reflexology and holistic wellness assessments, designing with them custom wellness programs that include herbs, nutrition, diet, and holistic living.  It’s always a joy and a pleasure to watch how holistic wellness can transform lives!

And I’d love the opportunity to work with you, too.  Let’s get started today!


Tracey Kamm

Registered Herbalist – American Herbalist Guild

National Board Certified Reflexologist – American Reflexology Certification Board

Certified Nutritional Therapist

Master Herbalist

Certified Emotional Healing Coach



Reflexology is a natural therapy done to bring stress relief, improved circulation, balance, and many more benefits to the entire body by applying specific reflexology pressure techniques. Reflexology is relaxing and feels great!

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs include an in-depth holistic assessment, one-on-one support, herbs, nutritional supplements, diet, lifestyle – working with you to create a custom 6 week or 12 week mind-body wellness plan for your unique needs.

Cleanse Programs

Cleanse programs complete with herbal and nutritional supplements, program plan, and support.  Choose from a 10 Day Healthy Inflammation Response Cleanse, a 10 Day Blood Sugar Support Cleanse, or a 21 Day Purification Program.


The Meaning of Spirit of the Bear


When I studied to become a master herbalist, I learned that many Native cultures around the world view the Bear as the healer, often calling herbal medicine and healing traditions “Bear Medicine.”  I’ve always loved spirit animals, so of course the idea of bears being the spirit animals of herbalism really appealed to me!

There’s a lot of symbolism attributed to bears, especially as an animal in touch with the earth and the cycles of nature and as an animal that can provide inspiration and support in times of difficulty or physical and emotional healing.

The bear reminds us, too, that we can be larger than life and raise ourselves up to our inherent status.  Who doesn’t need that when you’re working on being strong and healthy and changing the world!

Here’s some more qualities that bears as a spirit animal symbolize:

  • Strength, Courage, Confidence
  • Strong grounding forces
  • Standing against adversity, standing for your beliefs and truth
  • Taking action and leadership, for your needs or others
  • Setting clear boundaries, standing your ground
  • Nurturing and protecting your children and your ideals
  • Introspection and intuition blended with instinct
  • Embracing the importance of “cave time” with quiet, solitude, and rest
  • Making time to take care of your own needs
  • Finding balance and comfort in solitude
  • Resurrection: the cold, dark seasons giving way to rebirth and new beginnings

They symbolism of polar bears can be especially meaningful for those who need to keep their spirits strong during difficulties and struggles.   The polar bear accepts life in a harsh, wintry world and through tenacity and perseverance has become the master of the winter lands, adapting and overcoming.

And the fireweed seen in these pictures with the polar bears is a symbol for healing, too, representing a phoenix quality –  the ability to rise from the ashes and bloom!  Seen often in Wyoming and surrounding areas, fireweed is almost always one of the first plants to grow in areas where wildfires have burned.

I love these images of playful polar bears in fireweed, and for me they bring to mind an English Proverb, “No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”

The name “Spirit of the Bear” is something deeply special and meaningful to me, and I hope it inspires you, too.

Tracey Kamm – Owner, Spirit of the Bear






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