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You are already aware that your physical and emotional well-being are inseparable and support each other, that your body has an amazing capacity for healing itself, and that a commitment to building good health is a powerfully rewarding, life-long endeavor.

I’m here to help empower you on your wellness journey – naturally and holistically – through education, coaching, lifestyle, reflexology, nutrition, diet, herbs, supplements, flower essences, aromatherapy, and more.

Where will that empowering wellness take you?  Start your journey today!


Reflexology is a natural therapy done to bring stress relief, improved circulation, balance, and many more benefits to the entire body by applying specific reflexology pressure techniques. Reflexology is relaxing and feels great!


Herbal and Nutritional Consultations – thorough, in-depth assessments, looking at your health holistically, on all levels. Working together with you to develop a plan that is the right fit for you. Free initial 30 minute consultation.

Healthy Pets

Healthy, nutritious cat and dog food, treats, and pet products from Life’s Abundance. Holistically formulated, never recalled, and delivered to your door. Nutritional supplements for cats and dogs from Standard Process.


The Meaning of Spirit of the Bear


In my herbal studies, I learned that many Native cultures around the world view the Bear as the healer, often calling herbal medicine and healing traditions “Bear Medicine.”

The symbolism and meaning attributed to bears, especially as an animal in touch with the earth and the cycles of nature, can provide inspiration and support in times of difficulty or physical and emotional healing.  It also reminds us we can be larger than life and raise ourselves up to our inherent status.

  • Strength, Courage, Confidence
  • Strong grounding forces
  • Standing against adversity, standing for your beliefs and truth
  • Taking action and leadership, for your needs or others
  • Setting clear boundaries, standing your ground
  • Nurturing and protecting your children and your ideals
  • Introspection and intuition blended with instinct
  • Embracing the importance of “cave time” with quiet, solitude, and rest
  • Making time to take care of your own needs
  • Finding balance and comfort in solitude
  • Resurrection: the cold, dark seasons giving way to rebirth and new beginnings

The symbolism of polar bears can be especially meaningful for those who need to keep their spirits strong during difficulties and struggles.   The polar bear accepts life in a harsh, wintry world and through tenacity and perseverance has become the master of the winter lands, adapting and overcoming.  

The fireweed seen in these pictures with the polar bears is a symbol for healing, too, representing a phoenix quality –  the ability to rise from the ashes.  Seen often in Wyoming and surrounding areas, fireweed is almost always one of the first plants to grow in areas where wildfires have burned.

The images of playful polar bears in fireweed bring to mind an English Proverb, “No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”  


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